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Main Services Overview


Poojitha Technologies is having extensive experience in web development using latest technologies like HTML5, JQuery, CSS for gorgeous looking webpages with responsive page designing and design techniques like MVC for flexible and optimized web applications. At Poojitha Technologies web applicaiton development includes various stages from high level strategy, accurate planning based on necessary research, business consulting, design, development, quality control and training.


Poojitha Technologies Application Development services help the companies address evolving business challenges by defining, architecting, and building applications tailored to meet business requirements. Poojitha Technologies works closely with companies to maximize the potential of their mobility implementations.

We deliver high quality, flexible applications with easy maintainability, modular, reliable, secure, easy to use, deploy and maintain applications with our in place application framework.


Poojitha Technologies Application Management practices offers application support services for enterprise applications, middleware platforms and technologies. Poojitha Technologies provides appliation maintanance services that includes regular monitoring of application for high availability, constant performance monitoring, capacity planning, application service help desk, risk mitigation, effective incident management, initial investigation on issues, tracking and escalation management and management reporting.


Poojitha technologies offers a wide range of consulting services to enable intelligent and successful cloud adoption, from cloud strategy to cloud transformation and cloud optimization services. Poojitha Technologies helps customers to tranform IT with the cloud through its professional services, Industry partnerships and pre-designed and integrated cloud solutions. Poojitha technologies works with the cusoterms to assess their IT requirements to enable their business agility, scalability, Managebility.


Poojitha Technologies partners with you and address your unique transformation imperatives. We work with transparent consultation with the customers device best in class solutions and define the best course of action and implement across the organization. Our integrated consultaning services will bring continuity and consistancy to organization's strategic programs. We deliver optimum business results by leveraging Integrated end-to-end IT enabled business transformation, Application of global best practices locally and applying proven methodologies and fact based approaches.

System Integration Services

Poojitha Technologies with its expertise in System Integration recommends latest innovative and adoptable tools, methodologies and templates depending on the requirement and the needs of enterprise in integrating multiple IT systems that cater to different functions, departments and stages in product life cycle and transforms the enterprise into one streamlined and optimally-functional entity.